Our booths to/I nostri stand:
We design and set up booths of small and very large size, from 24 mq to 1000 mq areas, for the most important italian and international exhibitions of the year

from 2003 to 2015 Miami Seatrade CS [USA]
2003-2004 SITL Rotterdam [NL]
from 2004 to 2011 Barcelona SIL [E]
from 2005 to 2015 Munich TL [D]
2005 Bilbao IT Loqistic [E]
2006 Naples Seatrade Europe [I]
2007 Copenhaqen TOC Europe [DK]
2008 Venice Seatrade Europe [I]


2008 Gotheborq TOC Europe [S]
2010 Connes Seatrade Europe [F]
2011 Amsterdam PPI Symposium [NL]
2013-14-15 Antwerp Breakbulk [B]
2012-2014 Shanqhai TL China [RC]
2012 Sao Paulo lnt. South America [BR]
2012-2014 Parigi SITL [F]
2012-2013-2014 Istanbul TL [TR]


2014 Morseille Seatrade Europe [F]
2014 Huston Industrial Expo [USA]
2014 London Toc Europe [GB]
2011-13-15 Hamburq Seatrade Europe [D]
2013-2015 Berlin FRUIT LOGISTIC [D]
2014 Tallin Estonia TenTday [EE]
2015 Riqa Lettonia TenTday [LV]


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