There are exhibitions in Europe, Usa and China we visit every year.

Why do we choose to go back …

It’s such a special feeling to go back every year to some of the exhibitions we take part to as stand builder and graphic designer. 

From a human point of view,  it is great to work with people you already know, cooperate easily and smoothly and get along very well. 

From a technical point of view, unfortunately, it is always a tough job. Experience makes it easy but there’s a lot of work to do: projects, material delivery, customs formalities and lack of time to arrange everything. But we are pushed on by our love for challenges, it makes us try, learn and grow up.

… and why do they ask us to go back!

The best result of the challenges we yearly face is the capacity of getting inside the Client’s work. What does it mean? It means that thanks to our professional experience we learn how to manage clients/exhibitors’ needs, taking in charge all the tough job, as unexpected events, problems, special services, last time requests and so on. Our purpose is to let the exhibitor to take care of his business only, without any worries about arrangements. And it is possible only with a full dedicated staff, at disposal from the first step inside the fair (stand building and opening days) to the unsetting and final operations before leaving.

A full time assistance is the strongest point of our job but, most of all, of our clients’ business at the exhibition.