Art, creativity and communication can find a common area of application if used to satisfy interests and needs of the community.

Some creative genius gathered the three elements together into an artistic project to valorize degraded neighbourhoods or districts, pushing them towards an economical and cultural development.

The most important example is the Wynwood Art District of Miami, invented by Tony Goldman’s inspiration. He had an estate company, a deep love for art and transformed an industrial and dangerous area of Miami into a permanent art show, an open air museum, a street artist gallery full of murals and graffiti that decorate huge and grey warehouse walls.

We have two important results: a visual and a social one. This project has just overturned the life of the district, it got filled up with stores, restaurants, art galleries, libraries…

The greatness of this work is given by its idea of  transformation, by its capacity of linking art and creativity to renew a whole area. A new imagine brings tourism, tourism brings economy and economy develops job, production and value.

To reach this target we need a strong cooperation with local governmental institutions.

In Italy, we have some examples of this particular redeveloping art, although as not as magnificent as in Miami: 

Orgosolo, in Sardina, Bologna and even Milano, where a museum district has been built last year, in the area of Ortica.

We have infinite spaces that can be changed like that, involving artists from all over the world, leading the community to the awareness of their belonging to a neighbourhood, a place releasing and getting to a new life.