We talk again about decorating.

This time, we explain the use of special adhesive films for cars and boats. 

We maybe think it is a good decorating method for business cars only. As a matter of fact, that’s the most common use. But not the only one.

For example, it can be a great idea for your private car, too, if you want to cover little scratches and give it a new look, with the application of various images, you can talk with your graphic designer and choose your favorite image to be printed and applied on your car.

For the ones passionate about vintage times, it is possible to create text with a special film reproducing rare images of old vehicles, like cars and motorcycles and make them like new. 

Also advertising illustrations can be printed for cars or boats, as we did for a sail boat in 2015 with the Q8 spot.

Regarding boats, this decorating method is perfect to renew old text and create new images, personalizing the boat hull.

Type and quality of the adhesive film change in accordance with the material to be applied on. The result must be strong and long lasting. That’s why it is important to be assisted by expertise graphic designers for the project and specialized personnel for application.