Decorating has never been so easy.

Graphis Studio Transforms everything around you.

It may happens that, while time goes by, things we once loved no more reflect our taste. 

So, we start thinking about sobstituting our home or office furniture, or painting, or throwing away old things and buying new ones… what a long and chaotic work it should bring around us!

Sometimes it is so tiring even to imagine that we immediately give the idea up … good bye changing mood!

Good news for you! We have a different decorating solution, that avoids the mass above and gives you the changing you are looking for in an easy, clean and fast way.

We simply transform, without additional works or costs for new furniture. We are talking about a special adhesive film that can be applied on walls, furniture, cars, boats, doors, glass and more and more materials. There are no limits to your fantasy and to our decorating creativity. 

The first step is choosing the image and colors you want to have printed for decorating your special item. 

Second, your graphic designer realizes a project to adapt the image to the object we want to renew. 

Third, he chooses the special film, in accordance with the typology of material it will be applied on.

Fourth, we can start to print.

And last but most important step: the application. It is extremely relevant to be done by specialized personnel only. A perfect application makes the job long lasting and beautiful.

The final result is an absolutely unique item, reflecting your own taste.