If we talk about fairs and events it is important to talk about “organization”,  and organization means “exhibition planner”, a new professional figure able to transform your participation to a fair in a real business investment.

Taking part to a fair is always a great opportunity for a company.

There are usually various typology of stands to invest on, for size and location, including the chance of sharing it with partners, to reduce costs.

Infact, even if you opt for a small booth, a good project grants to you the essential elements needed inside a stand: furniture, meeting area, storage, a desk and self-stand displays.

Each fair requires a big effort on different fronts for the exhibitor. He has to relate to a lot of suppliers and companies: the fair organization, the graphic designer, the stand set up company, various suppliers for various services when and if not furnished by the fair organization (advertising material, depliant, gadgets, catering, hostess, flowers and plants for decoration…), shipping company for the material delivery and logistic operations. 

A tough job.

For this reason, we decided to give a new shape to our job of graphic designer for stands. We decided to offer to our clients the opportunity to entrust on a single professional instead of several ones.

Our long experience in the fair field taught us how to manage an exhibition under every aspects, problem and even emergency.  We worked on different kind of stands, from small ones to 1000 square meters pavilions.

Closing our experience inside a simple advertising purpose is a limit. Sharing it with our clients is, instead, a great professional opportunity to grow up. And we don’t want to loose this chance.

There are advantages for both client and designer. Entrusting on an exhibition planner allows the client to make things a lot easier and speed up the arrangements. He will receive answers and solutions without wasting time on researching and will invest the saved time on marketing. During the event he will take care of his business only thanks to a dedicated team, at disposal from the beginning to the end of the fair, to afford problems, technical or services request, emergencies.

For a designer, planning the full client’s participation to the exhibition grants successful results and reduces mistakes. It’s all under your control: services, quality, timings. You choose your partners in order to cooperate with whom is really able to become an extension of your own office. This is the only way to work as exhibition planner and be fully responsible for the complete job. And earn the final satisfaction to have reached a step ahead.