“…so, listen, I need something NEW, ORIGINAL, FRESH, a BEAUTIFUL image. Within TOMORROW would be great, it doesn’t take so much time, doesn’t it? And I would add a short text, I don’t no exactly what to write, please do it for me, create a slogan, just a COUPLE of words. Well, It’s seams so clear! And in case of doubt….You know what to do, you are the graphic designer!”

Here it is an example of conversation with some of our clients.

Every time they say “you are the graphic designer, you know what to do”, our professional ego is feeded with a huge dose of growing hormones. We are graphic designers, We know who to do, We always have the solution!

But, once we sit at the table with a pencil at hand, ready to work, here it comes the feeling that this juke box style, like “put the coin, receive a solution” or “your are the graphic designer, do it by yourself” doesn’t work properly. Our ego plays down and creativity gets stuck.

What is it that lets our interior engine start and puts us on the “produce an idea-create a project” mood?

It’s just you. I am the designer but you are the starter, our client, the one who dreams of an image talking for him and giving a message.

At this point, a third element enjoys this rule game: communication.

An efficient communication between the client and us is on the basis of every project. Efficient communication means commitment and patience by the client, most of time in a hurry, just to talk about his idea, although not perfectly clear. By our side, it means the ability of listening and collecting each little element useful for creating a project as close as possible to our client’s idea.

So, every time you contact your graphic designer, it is important to find a little time to talk and explain. It will make things easier and faster for both parties, granting the final result you are looking for.