It is impossible to avoid social network for your business communication.

Facebook and Instagram are the first of the list (over thirty million users).

Official pages and profiles need to be updated daily and carefully. We can say it is not a difficult job, Internet offers lots of tools and info for starters or users who feel less comfortable with the social world.

Although not so complicated, social networks have important rules to follow, if we want to have results for our business.

Images are the heart of social media and the main instrument of our investment on them. No self made photos, please. Look for a professional job and a graphic designer to assist you.

For two reasons:

1) the images you post are your investment, your business card for your followers  or future clients. Images must be the best you can have for quality and the most communicative for graphics. It will grant important results.

2) Facebook is a densely populated world. People is literally bombed by thousands of posts every day. Your post must be different and better than the competitors’ one.

We usually assist our clients with all the post & image job, which is the most difficult part of a social network communication. The rest of the page or profile management is in their hands (messages, adv, setting…) and it becomes funny and easy for them.

Once you have an efficient and optimized image, your page is ready to take off! You only need to make a careful choice of the target and study the best solution for your advertisings. Keep updated with the best books or videos available about the topic.