We’ve been working in the visual communication world for years. Specifically, we create our client image, corporate or private. We work on their business message and, to do a good job, we must invest a lot of time on our own communication, external and internal.

As a matter of fact, it is impossible not to communicate. Activity or inactivity, speaking or silence, are anyway messages that arrive to another person who will react accordingly. Communication (and no communication) creates relationships and behaviours. A company communication is built on behaviours.

To have a good internal communication, everyone should be able to value and understand how the company is working, its targets, how to reach it or what one is required to do. It is important to involve employees but also to appreciate their work, otherwise they won’t bring any advantage to the company.

The internal communication becomes a process to build up a relationship among all parties involved in the activity, through different paths:

– interaction

– involvement

– sharing

There are obstacles to a good internal communication such as professional and cultural differences among employees, different habits, jealousy, undervaluation of their job, untelled information, untelled bad information, competition…

And here we are.

Image is the best instrument we have to work on communication. Image stays easily fixed in mind, has no filters and gets to others without tone mistakes, that are instead common in texts or spoken words. People are very used to it (see social network and internet). We are captivated by images and videos, as well. 

But it is important to be open to feedbacks. To listen and to understand our message receiver’s replay.

Communication among departments, including Directors, should be encouraged. Employees should not feel alone and isolated, but part of something bigger that their own office. Communication must go straight to the point. If it works, parts will feel motivated and positively involved.

The final result is a greater efficiency and participation by all parties and a large profit for the company external image.