It is not easy to protect a graphic project when we are still working on it.

It may happen, for example, that our client seems not to be sure about the work we are doing and decides to stop with us. But, actually, he asks a friend or a relative to finish the job at a cheaper cost, for free or for a pizza.

What can we do to protect our idea? The same idea that the crafty client is now using with someone else? 

Once we show the project to a client the risk is there, like a shadow. We can’t avoid it but it is possible to take some precautions.

For example, using deterrents. We can inform the client about the Authors’ Rights Regulation (l. 22/04/1941 n. 633). It is forbidden the arbitrary use and reproduction of any work by documental, electrical o web instruments, without the author’s authorization. Graphic works are creative and intellectual works and are protected by the law. Clients must be informed about responsibilities and effects of an illegal behavior. This law violation brings serious penal procedures and sanctions. 

Everytime we send a project to a client it is important to insert a clear informing text specifying that we are the owner of the project and that any contravention of the law has specific consequences.

We suggest to attend other precautions.

First of all, if possible, it is better to personally meet  the client, showing the project without sending any file by mail.

Differently, the file should be sent in a very low resolution.

Of course, once the client see our work, on paper or by mail, he can get the idea and copy it. But we can, at least, make it a little difficult. 

In the end, let’s always ask for a deposit, an advanced partial payment, before starting the job. It won’t avoid the risk but a present to this crafty client, for sure.