Image is the modern hand shaking, the first way to meet persons and businesses. The first impact. And it is a visual one. The biggest brands of the world have built a fortune thanks to a little mark of color,  a rounded letter or a bited apple.

An image message must be clear, simple and direct to be effective. “We are what you see”. That’s why a logo must be innovative, clean and with a perfect payoff.

But a logo is not enough. Your business need a full identity image. And it is given by everything connected to a company, just like business paper, business cards, leaflets, uniforms or working clothes, sings… 

They are the graphic instrument that makes your business immediately recognizable, at the first look.

It is not easy to achieve this target. Competition is one of the reasons. Internet is full to the edge of images and we risk to create something already existing and seen. 

Another reason is brief capacity. Your message must talk by short but complete text and image. It requires creativity end experience in graphics, marketing and communication.

That’s why it is important to be supported by a professional designer. He will be able to understand a client’s business concept and transform it into a communicative image.